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Sheet Cakes


We offer full, half and quarter sheet cakes, a wonderful accompaniment to birthday parties, baby showers, corporate events and more! We will work closely with you to choose a cake flavor, icing and a beautful design that best matches the theme of your special occasion.

Single Layer Sheet Cake

Double Layer Sheet Cake

Please look at the serving size chart below to determine what would work best for your event. 

Tiered Cakes


Whether you're hosting an intimate party or lavish event, we will work closely with you to create a stunning tiered cake that suites your style. Choose from our variety of cake designs. Our freshly baked tiered cakes are available in a variety of flavors and fillings.


Please look at the serving size chart below to determine what would work best for your event. 

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Wedding Cakes


We are here to help you create beautiful and memorable weeding desserts in a celebration of your special day. We specialize in custom baked goods, including tiered wedding cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, dessert tables and more. We’ll bake, decorate, deliver and set up your desserts to create a stunning and delicious presentation.


For more information and quote on our wedding cakes, please fill out the form in the wedding tab and I will contact you. 

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We'll work with you to create the perfect cupcakes to match the size of you special occasion. We offer a variety of cupcake flavors. We have a beautiful selection to display your cupcakes. 


Dozen/regular cupcakes $24.00

Liquor/Specialty cupcakes $27.00


Jumbo cupcake each $5.00

Dozen mini cupcakes $12.00




You'll call them scrumptious, we call them gourmet cookies. A flexible option to fit any budget! An assortment of freshly baked gourmet cookies, nestle them in a stylish presentation for your next gathering.


2" Cookies (Mini), dozen, $24.00

3"-4" Cookies (Small/Medium), dozen, $36.00

5"-6" Cookies (Large), dozen $38.00

Cake Pops


Our unique cake pops are always fresh and moist. Little Whale Cakery Cake Pops are delicious and beautiful and are sure to be the talk of the party with many versatile flavors and designs. These amazingly tasty treats are can be enjoyed with no forks and no mess!


Cake Pops in liner, dozen, $24.00

Cake Pops with stick, dozen, $27.00

Please note, all prices are subject to change, depending on the size, flavor, quantity and design of specific orders. 

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Example for cake/icing selection in comments/special instructions:

Cake flavor 1: Chocolate

Icing flavor 1: Peanut Butter

Cupcake flavor 2: Vanilla

Icing flavor 2: Cookies and Cream 

Type of cake: 2 tier cake, 8" x 10"

Thanks for submitting!

Cake Size Chart

 Size                        Feeds About      Starting Price

4" Round                 smash cake             $15.00

6" Round                         8-10                  $30.00

8" Round                         12-16                 $40.00

9" Round                         16-20                $45.00

10" Round                       20-26                $55.00

12" Round                        26-32                $65.00

6" Square                         8-15                  $30.00

8" Square                          30                   $40.00

9" Square                          40                   $45.00

10" Square                        50                   $55.00

1/4 Sheet Cake 9"x 13"      20-25             $40.00

1/2 Sheet Cake 13"x 18"     30-50             $65.00

3/4 Sheet Cake 15"x 22"    60-80             $80.00

Tiered Cakes

6"x 8" Round Cake           40                  $120

8"x 10" Round Cake         64                   $145

More sizes available